IB but negative test

i had implantation bleeding today, but i got a negative test. Am I out? or is it to early to test?? hope someone has an answer! 🙏🏽🙏🏽


  • When are u due on as implantation happens at various times for different ladies. I had implantation and tested 6 days later and got a really faint positive then I tested again 4 days later and It was a definite. So maybe wait for a week and test implantation is the very beginning so u have probably tested to early for ur hormones to be detected good luck 

  • And is it possible to have implantation day AF is due??

  • Some ladies have and confuse it with af I had it about a week before I was due spots for not even the day but this is my 3rd pregnancy and never had ib before, there is a page on here about implantation bleeding and ladies have said their own experiences so maybe worth a read 

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