Pregnant or not?

Hello I'm wonering if anyone can give me some advice. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong area I'm knew to this And would appreciate someone to talk to. 

A little about me. Iam 27 and live with my boyfriend of over 3 years. We both have full time, good careers and are in a very loving and happy relationship. 

we are not actively trying to conceive at the moment as we love travelling etc but if it happened the baby would be very loved and wanted. 

So i am on BCP and have been for 3 years. In that time I think I've had 2 or 3 very light periods but they've pretty much stopped in the last 18 months  so I have no idea where i am in my cycle. I never get any pms symptoms either. I've always taken my pill on time every single day. We also have alwa condoms so we've never had unprotected sex. 

Two weeks ago, during sex the condom completely split and he ejaculated inside me. I had taken my pill for that day ( about 5 hours before hand.) 

however, the following day we went on holiday and had to get up at 3 am and I completely forgot to take my pills with me. I only realised at airport when it was too late. We did not have sex during the holiday, and I did not take my pill for 4 days in total. The first one being about 20 hours after the broken condom. 

in the last 5 days I have felt very strange. It started off with feeling sick. It just washed over me and the only thing that makes it ease is if I eat. I know have to eat pretty much on the hour. I've been so tired. Yesterday I fell asleep at midday and woke up at 4pm!  my nipples have felt slightly sore, nothing major but like im aware theyre there ( if that makes sense) and today I got in the shower and looked in the mirror and my nipples look huge ! And have blue veins on them. I've also had a lot of cramping for 4/5 days and a blizzard feeling between my belly button and groin. But no bleeding/ period.

yesterday at my mums she went in the garden and I was in the living room. She left the door slightly ajar and lit a cigarette and it made me gag. I don't smoke, but my mum has smokee since I was little so im used to the smell. It's never made me gag  

im so confused. It's far to early for me to take a test I think I need to wait at least another week. I guess my question is, would I be normal for me to feel things so early on? I know it's very unlikely that I got pregnant from that one time, and I'm wondering if because I didn't take my pill for 4 days my body started to get ready for a period? 

Any thoughts while I wait to test woild be appreciated especially as I missee my pill AFTER sex  there doesn't seem to be much info on this x


  • Sperm can survive inside the body for up to 5 days I believe so there is a chance you could be pregnant.  Some women can get pregnant whilst taking the pill proprely even without missing one (or more) so its never 100%

    If you had sex two weeks ago I would of thought a pregnancy test would show at least a faint line at this point. I would buy one today and do it tomorrow with your first wee of the day x

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply! 

    oh ok I will do that then! Thank you x

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