15 DPO and AF is not in sight

So I had a chemical last month which was devastating. My first positive pregnancry test(s) after 2 years of trying. I had some brown CM at 10 DPO. I took a test this month at 13 DPO and it was a BFN. It's 15 DPO now and I've been crampy and so exhausted but AF is nowhere in sight. I cant move on until either AF shows up or I get a BFP. I know when I Oed because I use OPKs. This is killing me, I need to move forward. Has this happened to anyone and it ended in a BFP? I'm starting to wonder if the chemical messed up my cycle.


  • Hi Ellie, you can get a positive opk and then not  ovulate straight away so unless you are temping its possible your ovulation date could be out by a day or two. Have you tested again?

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