Implantation bleeding?

Hi I am driving my self crazy because I don't know if I am newly pregnant and am bleeding from implantation or if I got my period early. My last period was august 8th and lasted til the 12th. I had intercourse with my boyfriend on the 21st. That was my week of high fertility or that's what my period tracker app tells me. It also tells me that I am not supposed to have my period for 5 more days. The night I may have consived he was wearing a condom but it broke, there was a pretty decent sized hope right at the tip of the condom. this morning when i wipped I saw a brownish color discharge and I have been having brownish and pink discharge on and off all day. It is starting to get a little bit heavier now but not heavy enough for me to know its my period. I usually have a very heavy period and never spot before. And today I am spotting and it is very light. I'm so confused please help 

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