Faint positive

Hi has anybody had any experiance or advice on a faint positive im due af today and got a very faint pink line 



  • Me mines very faint image

  • Hi katy22 thank for your reply my stupid phone wont let me get a pic of mine is just goes blury like it wont concentrate good luck can defanatly see somthink there are you testing again today / when was ur af due 

  • I'm at doctors now to see ...... I was either due on the 12th or the 19th for my period it's so annoying hate waiting .... Hope you get answers to soon 

  • So u really are late i was due yesterday hope its not a dodgy test going for a firstresponse today good luck and let me no how u get on its hard not to get ur hopes upx

  • My blood results come back today but keep doing pregnancy test which keep coming back negative 

  • Let me know how u get on katy good luck x

  • Hi just wondering I have done 6 tests and they have all come up with faint lines on the test line just wondering if anyone can help me am I pregnant or not please help xximage

  • Looks really good hun mine was a lot fainter than this when I posted this thread and the next day I used a first response and came up a strong positve I'm 15 weeks now good luck x

  • Hi there. I took an asda own digital came back as a yes!! 2 hours later got a neg but didnt have much wee. Then 10pm last night had my last wee before bed and 3:00 am this morning again a neg. I havent bled in the meantime xx

  • imageHiya I know the first test is barely even visible but in person I could see an extremely faint line. That was taken yesterday morning. The bottom one was taken this morning and it's a bit more visible. i am wondering whether this is a positive or evap Line? It showed up within 10 minutes which is the recommended time frame! 

  • Your opinions would be appreciated! it does Look like it has a bit of blue colour but I'm not sure 

  • image Have had a 2 days bleeding 2 weeks ago now, i have taken 6 test 4 neg and 2 light positive like this. Went to docs got blood taken and negative. im so confused can anyone help me. this test was taken a few days after my bleed

  • That looks positive to me - howver if you were pregnant it would've shown up in your blood by now? perhaps it could have been a chemical pregnancy. Have you taken any more tests recently? 

  • Chemical pregnancy? yes there negative 

  • It's like an early miscarriage - where you were pregnant but unfortunately did not develop further

  • Aw ok, im so confused 

  • I know it's horrible isn't it!  I've had one pregnancy and the first positive test I got it was so light it was barely visible. I've had lots of faint tests in the past and turned out not to be pregnant so it's hard to predict! 

  • I don't know what to think, my heads going nuts. im calling my doctors tomorrow to get a scan to check for 100% if I am or not as this is killing me 

  • That's the best thing to do! Hope you're ok x

  • Thanks. I'm going to call tomorrow. Clear my head about it all thanks 

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