am i pregnant?

I had unprotected intercourse about 12 days ago and a few days after. But after the first time..I woke up a few days later and felt terrible..My nose was stopped up and runny. I was coughing. I went from feeling like I had a cold to feeling like I had the flu. I have taken a few tests since but they're negative. My breast do hurt and I have some kind of discharge coming from my hooha. And I'm a smoker and all of a sudden my cigarettes taste terrible. My stomach feels like I'm constantly doing situps. Like there's a strain in my muscles or something. And I have sharp pains in my lower back. The medicines aren't helping me feel any better so I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or just really messed up. But my periods aren't re irregular so I'm not sure when to test. But all these negatives aren't rete throwing me in a sad state. Is what I'm feeling pregnancy symptoms. Or no? Thanks in advance. 

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