Ovulation test??

What ovulation tests are the best? 


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  • Clear blue digital I use the original which personally I think is better! It's just is empty circle for not ovulating and smiley circle for you are ovulating nice and simple! The flashing ones don't always work as well.

    My cycle is 28 days so as clear blue are expensive what I do is from cd8/9 I use cheapie strip tests. You can get 5 for £1 in the pound shop  ( one step) or the shop Savers are also 5 for £1(clear and simple). Amazon also sell them in bulk at around 30 tests for £4 all equally as good.

    I use these cheapies until the test line is as dark as the control line and you wee on them in the afternoon at around 2ish for optimum results. They are quick and easy to read.

    Once I'm at a positive result I use my clear blue with first morning urine to confirm ovulation and they always tally up:)

    That way the 10 clear blue test last me at least 5 -6 cycles as I only need to use 1 or 2 at the most!

    Ive got to predict my cycle perfectly using these tests.

    On a 28 day cycle I'm always near positive by cd10-11 and positive cd 12-14 then the tests fade again and it's a waiting game!

    Good luck xxx 

  • Thank you so much that's a great help. My client sometimes is 28 days..sometimes up to 31days... it varies a bit..would I best best testing about 8 days after my first day if period? 

  • Yes if you aren't sure when you ovulate start cd8 just use cheapie strips every day and you'll go from no second line to a faint line that will gradually darken. For a positive your test line must be as dark as the control line or darker:)

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