HELP 12 days late for period!!

Hello I'm  new here and been following your posts for months, I came off the 28 day pill almost 3/4 months ago, a week later I believe I had the withdrawal bleed, then the following month I had a normal period since then me and my boyfriend had started trying, well last month i had a period (7 days) and this month I've completely missed my period by 12 days which I'm not stressed or EVER missed a period before, I've been having really bad heart burn, lower back pain, milky white discharge (sorry TMI), lightheaded, feeling queasy, stomach cramps, etc.. I've also done the homemade bleach pregnancy test, which I believe was positive as it fizzed and foamed over the cup and when I tipped it all out the foam was stuck to the glass, I was wondering do you lovely ladies think I'm pregnant ( as this would be my first child) I'm 18 and worried, all tests I have taken have became negative? 

Can someone please help me.❤️

If I'm pregnant I believe I would be just over 5 weeks pregnant??

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