Ovulation stick help!!

imageive tested every day with these ovulation stlick all week I've tested and keep getting faint line yesterday was a bit more of a line and today has gone back being really faint ..... Help anyone .... top ovulation stick was today bottom was yesterday 


  • How long are your cycles and what day are you on ? What time of day are you testing? Are you dipping them as opposed to peeing on them ? 

  • I'm late for my period I had my last period 6 weeks ago my cycle is 28 day I do the ovulation test in afternoon as heard people say in morning don't work and yes I'm dipping them 

  • They don't work with first morning urine but you can use them from second morning urine. If you are late for your period you should do a pregnancy test not ovulation test x

  • I've already done pregnancy test and been doctors for blood test 

  • Assuming they were negative you should go back to the docs if your period doesn show if a few day x

  • I get my results back today I'm suppose be due on in two days as well xx

  • imagehi guys please help me the top one was yesterday no ovulation, and the bottom one is today which is a lot darker am I ovulating ???

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