When's the right time?

Hello ladies, the last few months have been a mile stone for me and my partner as we have decided to try for a baby! I'm ready, he's ready but that isn't all we need to consider. He's 26 and I am 21, we have a home together and he works full time. I am a postgraduate student and I will be conducting my MSc  for a year starting this month. I have heard a mixture of things and I am not sure what's the right way about this but here's our plan: it's a big course and very tough, I want to have my baby after I finish but I don't mind being pregnant throughout so we were thinking of starting to try from March onwards. As much as I would love to go straight into my job or consider a PhD I would rather take time out first and it makes sense to do this while I have the support and flexibility of higher education behind me (My uni are very very supportive). A friend of mine was quite ill in her first trimester during exams perioud during her undergraduate study and she was able to sit them at a later date when she felt less fatigued and sick etc. We both have family who live near by and have an incredible amount of support. I am more than ready to have a child, I know in some opinions I may be considered young but I'll be 23 by the time I have the little one. I just want to know the opinions of you ladies on having a baby during or just after graduate school (postgrad) an how it may benefit (or not) in comparison to having a baby when in full time work. AND do any of you know how this could impact my partner - is he entitled to any paternity leave? Also, is there anything I can do now to prepare my body I've bought some folic acid and iron supplements. I had an unplanned pregnancy a few months back but lost it at 8 weeks and we were devastated. I want to do anything and everything I can so this doesn't happen again - I am terrified though. Thank you xxx


  • I know this was posted a while back but I am so interested to hear how you got on! 

    I'm currently in my second last year at university but I really want to have children young (25/6). I have a lot of people who are really negative about this, but I would rather complete my final year pregnant and then move onto working after the summer. A lot of friends and family are quite against this however, having a family that I can grow with is so important to me! 

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