what's happening to me😩😩

hi everyone just looking for a bit of advice and possibly some answers really.. 

it all started last month I came on my period when I was due so thought all was normal then I went from my usual light flow to exceedingly heavy over night, was going through a sanitary towel an hour. I went to the doctors they ran no tests just gave me tablets to help make the bleeding lighter and shoved me out the door! The tablets worked and I came off my period 5 days later.. 

Now this month I was not due on till the 9th, my cycles 28days like clockwork (well usually is anyway) I came on on the 1st it's normal flow not overly heavy nor light, red in colour just like watery consistency (sorry tmi) usually I'd be coming off by now but no sign of that as of yet.. I've done pregnancy tests every couple of days all bfn! 

has anyone else experienced this or similar and could maybe point me in what direction to go? 


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