Implantation or Weird Period??

Hi All,

So normally I have a 33 day cycle and my period is moderate to heavy for seven days. I'm always the same.

This month my partner was away most of the month but we did have sex once or twice near when I probably ovulated (slim chance).

My period was due on the 2nd September but it showed up 5 days early on the 28th August, and was brown/pale red spotting for a day, then got heavier on second day, and then there was minimal brown spotting on the third day

Ever since I have had strong waves of nausea, slightly swollen breasts and a full feeling in the base of my pelvis, and what feels lile a temperature, plus insomnia. These are all bizarre symptoms for me so I took 4 first response tests on the 31st July, 2nd Sept (when period was due), yesterday and today (5th September) they were all stark negatives and very sensitive tests.

I spoke to the doctor and they weren't helpful, any ideas from women who have been through the same? :-)


  • I'm currently in the same boat. So what happened? Did you end up being pregnant?? 

  • I think this is actually something that happened to me at the beginning of my pregnancy and which confused me so much that I actually  just found out I was pregnant when I was already around 8 weeks into it. 

    After me and my partner had sex for few times I tried a couple of pregnancy tests and they were all negative. It was after few days/weeks that I got a stain similar to what you mentioned, so I just thought, well my period is here so.. that didn't work. But I think it must have been due to stress at work that I don't remember that my period didn't actually come..

    It was after few weeks that I was feeling so unwell, that I thought.. that can't be normal, or I do have something seriously wrong health wise or am I pregnant. So I did the test.. and indeed I was pregnant.. :D

    So I would say, wait and try again later on. It does take some time to appear on the test that you are pregnant by the look of it :D

    I hope it goes well :)

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