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Ovulation test help



  • Haha I know Ive a few in my underwear drawer!!

  • We are very pleased to support you along the way!

  • Hi Everyone. 

    Im now in the 2ww. Going a bit crazy symptom spotting etc. 

    I decided first thing this morning to take a test (9dpo) - early I know but I really couldnt wait! I did one of the Amazon cheapies and felt there was an extrememly light shadow, so decided to use one of the proper super drug ones and this is the result I got. It came up within the timeframe but is obviously very faint.

    Any thoughts? Not getting my hopes up because I know it's super early.

    Thanks for looking.


  • Looking good Milly I see the line and they are reliable tests Ive used those several times:)

    Fingers X for a sticky bean xxx

  • Yeah keeping my fingers crossed. Ive heard a lot of good things about those tests so picked up a two pack on Friday. Do you recommend maybe testing again (not today).  do you think tomorrow or leave it a couple of days? xx

  • I'd test again 2mrw or Monday and see if line darkens xxx

    good luck 🍀

  • I mean 2mrw/Tuesday!! Haha xxx

  • Hi Girls,

    Just an update. I took another superdrug and Amazon cheapie yesterday and they were still faint but could definitely see a line. Took this clearblue this morning and the result came up as this. 

    In a wee bit of shock as I didn't think it would happen this fast for me. 

    Im happy to share the things i did leading up to getting this result and also what my symptoms were/are. 

    Thanks for your kind words of support over the last month or so and good luck to you all xx

  • imageForgot to attach this x

  • Yay congrats 😀

  • Thank you MMA. 

    I think that information you gave me about ovulation might have had something to do with it so thanks!

    No idea what I've to do now. Still in a bit shock haha xxx

  • Haha enjoy the moment and go with the flow:)

  • Back again for a bit advice..

    Since last night I've noticed a bit bleeding/spotting. It's brown/pinkish red in colour. Just wondering if anyone has had this before? I will be roughly 4 weeks on Monday. 

    Not sure if it could be implantation? If this would occur around this time. 

    Just a bit worried. Got an appointment on Monday. Trying to keep positive x

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