Faint line and negative later what does that mean?

Hii sisters!!

i had my last periods on 1st of august and i and supposed to have on the 5th of Sep normally. But again i started like bleeding from the 1st of sep and lasted for 2days which i thought i got an early period and was little sad..today on the 6th of Sep i just tried a home pregnancy test kit and found that theres a faint line so i thght i must be pregnant.. Actually 5th was my due date and 6th im jus suspecting and for my happiness i did the test..i cant wait to get pregnant.

so the bleeding that i got was not my period then i can test by today..right?? Or only after few more days of waiting?

i went to my family gynec doctor for check up and when they tested with the kit they got it negative and asked me to wait for 10 more days to confirm if its positive or not..

Can anyone help me with my doubts please...can i hope for or should i try my luck for the next time??

i am soo eager to know whatbis happening inside me...


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