Ovulation Test Strips - Part 7

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Ovulation Test Strips Part 6 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • New thread!!!! 😀

  • Woop heres to plenty more chats :)))

  • BFPs for sure😉

  • Welcome pink cupcake :) Everyone is all really lovely on here - I am currently 6dpo and is my second month actively TTC after a miscarriage in July at 10 weeks - May's PG was a surprise (although we weren't being careful) so now its the obsessive POAS to get that magic BFP :)

    Hopefully our new thread will bring us all some good luck!!!

  • Thank you all for the warm welcome!☺️ Good luck to us all for this cycle; I've bought some conceive plus to try, has anyone used it before?

  • Hi again still getting loads of negative opks I hope I'm still in for a chance  I did just buy 20 opks incase 

  • Mummyof2, if you have already ovulated then the sticks will be getting lighter. You must be 7dpo now as i think you were one day ahead of me? I OVd 31/08.

    I know some ladies say the OPKs pick up on HCG, but I would be wary of using them to detect a BFP.... 

    try and relax and wait until at least 10dpo before trying a HPT


  • You've had a positive mummyof2 you won't ovulate twice or get 2 surges that's very rare! You need to count from your day of the first positive clear blue test the following day is classed as ovulation day then the next day is 1dpo as butterfly says your at least 6dpo or something you might aswel stop testing now:)

  • I had a smiley for 2 hrs on Tuesday morning  and since then my opks my cheap ones have gotten  light and light today I only saw one line 

  • The smiley will stay on the screen for 48 hours after the first one has come up - thats why they say that once you get a smiley, not to test again as you won't get a stronger test.

    If you had a static smiley last Tuesday and your temp went up on Wednesday then you OVd on Tuesday last week.... making you one head of me so you are 7dpo - no need to test any more.


  • Cupcake ive not used conceive plus but I have used the other one and it didnt make a difference. to be honest I think they are just a money making scam as I fell pregnant without using a lubricant and I dont have the fluid that everyone says they have when they ovalate, everyone is differentif u think it helps thats good but I ppersonally believe u will fall pregnant without these things, good luck :)) xx

  • My temp was 36.8 on Wednesday last week imagemy temp since 31 august    as confused if there good signs or normal body temperature 

  • Yes that is all correct and tallies. You ovulated Tuesday and You had the static on Tuesday and your temp went up Wednesday, so you OV the day before, making it Tuesday... So you are 7dpo. No need to do OPKs any more x

  • This actually looks like you Ovd on Wednesday as the temp goes up on Thursday, so you are the same as me - 6dpo.

    A temp dip a few days after OV is apparently a good sign of Implantation possibly - looks like we have that too!

    fingers crossed for us both


  • Mummyof2 if your temps stay high that's a good sign 😊

  • Charts are looking good ladies but mine stays high then day of AF drops only by a few and stays fairly high during AF too it drops for me as AF finishes then rises after O day again! We are all so different!!

  • Last month mine dropped day before AF, plateaued, went up and then dropped when OV happened and then went up again too. 

    am glad I temped this month, least I know the patterns now. Next month will do nothing until am home from holiday. Law of sod means will be home just before OV day, typical. Why is OV day never when we are away And relaxed to Bd anytime! 

  • Yep we have a few short breaks here and there away from our kiddies I either end up with AF hitting early or past ovulation near AF never on Ovulation when nice and chilled and no kids walking in 1/2 way through😬😂

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