Need advice!!

Okay so I'm New to all of this but I'm starting to feel like I am going crazy!!

2 months ago I had positives then negatives then bled (definitely AF)

Last month I had 6 positives in a row and then started to et negatives. I had cramps but nothing like AF cramping, anyway I was a week late, during that week I went to the doctors and they done a test there which was negative, couple days later I started bleeding, I had slight cramps and one sharp twinge when I moved, but the bleeding was really watery, it was a pinkish red but just very watery on the first day then just lift bleeding the second then it stopped so I only bled for 2 maybe 2.5 days with no clotting (I usually last around 4-5 days heavy with clotting) anyway I took another test like two days after and was negative again.

I've taken no more since but I keep getting these terribly painful headaches and lower back aches sometimes it's so painful I can barely breathe without it hurting & my boobs are quite sensitive.

I was just hoping somebody can give me advice or share their experiences because I feel like I am going crazy! 

Tia x

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