3 Days late. No period still

Hey everyone,

So back in April I was pregnant. My husband and I wasn't trying either but it was a huge shocker but we were happy. Then after a few days we miscarried. It was upsetting for the both of us. 

So we decided to wait a period after to actually start. Before and even after the miscarriage my period is like clockwork. Always have been. Sometimes a day early but NEVER late. But I can tell once I get out of bed that it's coming.

I ovulated the second to last week of AUGUST. The 23rd/24th. Three days later I felt that way I did when I was pregnant before.

Boobs heavy nipples extremely sensitive.

Breaking out on my face.

And light cramping in my lower abdomen

And not forget the lower back pain. 

I passed it off to not get too excited but it kept going on and off during the TWW. So now coming to my period date and as of today I still don't have my period my lower back hurts and my nipples are still sensitive. With a BFN on two tests. Has anyone tried to conceive and your period is like clockwork and a negative test? I'm thinking about waiting the rest of the week to see if it comes. If not then I'll test again.

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