Missed period could I be pregnant?

ive missed 2 periods I'm only 21 .. I've done pregnancy test they come back negative, I've been doctors had urine pregnancy test and blood test and came back negative it's not like me to miss my periods we are trying for a baby I've been having symptoms ........ What do I do ? 


  • Hi Katy, its possible you may have ovulated late this cycle which in turn will delay your period. How late are you? if your period doesn't come in another week I'd take another test.

  • my last period was 16th July ..... I was due on 12th August and was due today I've not had a period since 16th July so I have ovulated after my period what I had in July x

  • If your last period was the 16th of July then you definately ovulated late otherwise you would have your period or a positive pregnancy test by now. This can happen sometimes and is not uncommon. It is also possible to still be pregnant but be too early for a positive test. When was the blood test at the doctor and when was the last time you took a home pregnancy test?

  • Thanks for the reply misskiwi ... I did a blood test last Tuesday also did an ovulation strip test and I had a faint line but could see the line and that was last week also I tested today was negative .... When do you reckon I should test again then ? Xx

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