I'm not sure if this is a faint positive. Need second opinions.

imageI see a faint line but idk if I'm going crazy or not. Lol thank you to anyone who can help



  • I think I can see a line 😀 

  • I think I see a line too. I am in the same boat. imageimage

    Are these progressing faint positives?

  • CBbb I see a faint line but I would recommend re testing with a pink dye test blue dye are a bit unreliable.

    jlttc1 your test look positive to me congratulations. Out of interest are you late for your period yet ? X

  • Thank you, Emy0001! My cycle is behind because this is my first one off of BC. I had my last period start on August 11th. I didn't O until August 26-27, which I verified through opks (wanted to be absolutely certain that was the pain I was feeling). The late ovulation put me a week behind in my cycle. I believe my period would start either today or tomorrow based on the new O date. No sign of it yet and all my symptoms are completely abnormal for me! Praying this is a true BFP.

  • Yes what DPOs are they? Asking as a POAS addict! Lol

  • Butterfly8002 Mine are 12,13, & 14 (today). My first line showed up on dpo10, but I tossed the test somewhere because I thought it was sooooo faint that it wasn't a BFP.

    Cbbb what DPO are you?

  • Ahhhhh I am 9dpo.... Maybe i will test tomorrow then....

    boobs are tingly, horrid taste and crampy... Hmmmm

  • Some ppl don't get a line until 15-20 dpo so don't get discouraged if you test early and don't see anything. I had to do some seripus research to keep myself sane when it comes to testing lol. This is my first at 10dpo. You can see the faint line mainly at the top, but it does go all the way to the bottom in person.image

  • Ahhhh OK. When I was PG in June, we weren't trying so didn't test until was 4 days late so never went through all this waiting lark!

    Now we deaperately want it back its such a looooong waiting game! 

  • I am so sorry! I hope you get your BFP this time! The tww has been driving me mad...I will be happy when Sunday arrives and no AF (since that will put me out of estimated AF range). I tested with CB Digital w/ weeks estimator and it was negative, but they have less sensitivity than they claim...especially since I am getting lines on all other tests! I am retesting with CB Digital on Monday!

  • I did a CB digi when 4 days late in the afternoon got 1-2 weeks, next day with FMU was 2-3 weeks. 

    Hoping for this, if not then I can go on holiday next Saturday and enjoy the all inclusive. Am not tracking next month and then the following month i have registered for the clear blue ovulation trial. Least will get a free OV Kit 😂

  • image Got two positives thismorning got a blood test will get results tomorrow. 

  • Oooooooh congrats xxx

    i tested yesterday had a bfn then a BFP then 2 X BFNs!!!! Have stopped now. Going to give it a couple of days! 

    (Until I wake up tomorrow and decide to POAS!) lol 

  • Congratulations, Cbbb!!! Butterfly8002, I hope you get your definitive BFP soon!!!

    Unfortunately, I miscarried today at 4wk+3D. Praying I get my mind and body right for next cycle.

  • Oh no :( sorry to hear that.... That's tough but you have the right attitude X being on here helps too. It helped me after my MC.

    i am not convinced I am PG. I think it was a dud test as it was the only pos after a neg and then just negs since 

  • Blood test came back negative. Must be I got some bad tests? Idk. Unhappy. 

  • I am so sorry Cbbb! 

  •  jlttc I'm very sorry to hear of the mc x

    cbb if your bloods were done before those test your hcg may not have been strong enough by that point. Is AF late yet ? X

  • :( that's sad news CBBB. sorry to hear that. hang in there x

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