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Little help in understanding DH's semen analysis

Hi everyone,
Me and my DH are thinking of having a baby in the near future. However, my DH was concerned about his fertility as he was hit by a hard cricket ball in his groin area when he was 17. We got the semen analysis done but both of us have no knowledge of what's considered normal or abnormal. We would really appreciate some help in making us understand the report and letting us know if we can try getting pregnant or should see the doctor first. Below are the values from DH's report.

Volume- 6.5 ml
Appearance- Viscid opaque
color- Whitish
pH- 7.5

Sperm concentration- 120 million/ ml
Total sperm count- 780 million

Percentage motility- 75%
Progressive motility- 50%
Non-progressive motility- 25%
Immotile- 25%

Agglutination- Negative
Pus cells- 1-2/hpf
Red blood cells-NIL

Normal morphology- 85%
Abnormal morphology- 15%
a- Head defects-7%
b-Tail defects-3%
c- Neck & mid piece defects- 5%

Semen fructose- Positive



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