Do You Just Keep Testing?

My period is over a week late, and if my calculations are correct, I was ovulating over our honeymoon. We used condoms every time, and I didn't notice any issues, but not the pill as I've tried a few and they didn't go too well for me. I took my first test today (9 days after due), and got a negative. We're not trying right now - if I were pregnant I know we'd be fine, but we're both job searching, and not in the best financial situation. I'm not sure whether to now just wait it out incase my period comes really late, or keep testing? I know a lot of people on here have got a positive result after 3/4 tests. I wouldn't want to leave it another month before finding out either though, as it could really affect some of my next decisions. Also unsure if it's too early for turning to the doctor!

Thanks guys :)


  • Hi hun, it's perfectly normal to skip the occasional period due to stress or even a big event like going on holiday or honeymoon. If you have a negative test at nine days late you probably aren't pregnant. Test again in a week maybe to ease your mind.

    If you skip more than one period though or have any unusual pains or bleeding go and see your doctor. x

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