15 days late and negative results

Hi everyone hope someone can shed some light. Me and my  partner have been ttc for over a year. Never have i ever been more than 2 days late but this month i am 15 days. Only the last few days have my breasts become severley painfull ..... i mean i cant lift my arms they hurt. Going to the toilet at least 5 times a night along with extreme tiredness and emotional. Done all types of hpt and all negative. Doctors urine test also negative but have bloods booked for 2 days time. Has this happened to anyone before and if it wasnt pregnancy what was the missed period for? Im not stressed very healthy and take folic acids along with other vitanins everyday. Please can anyone relate as im starting to loose hope. Thank you xxx


  • Can anyone relate to this. Just need to know im not being silly hoping im pregnant!!

  • I don't want to read and run but I'm afraid I can't offer much advice. I hope you are pregnant hun, but even if you aren't don't lose hope, you'll get there. All the best! X

  • Thank you. Just you have taken time to reply is good enough thanks for your support xx

  • Hi sammy, I haven't experienced this either, is there any chance you ovulated very late in your cycle? I hope the blood test provides some answers for you. Let us know how you get on Xx

  • Well according to may charts and basal temperature i ovulated on time. I dont know for sure, as i say its necer happened before. So nice to see that there are people out there offering support xx

  • What are your temperatures doing? Has it stayed high or is it coming down? 

    Can you flash us your chart? 

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