My pregnancy test said positive and now im bleeding and cramping? Whats going on?

Hey yesterday i took a pregnancy test and today i started cramping and bleed not alot but im worried ive been trying to get prgnant and now this. Can i still be pregnant. Does anyone know whats going on?


  • Unfortunately no one can give you the answers to if you are still pregnant or not, You need to visit your GP practice and get bloods taken and then retaken in a few days time to see if your levels are rising, If you are a little further on about 6 -7 weeks they may scan you at EPU.

    Some ladies do get bleeding during pregnancy and it's fine.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • I would go to your doctor and get your blood taken.  Or tomorrow do a digital test and see if it's still positive. A lot of people do have bleeding as your body is getting ready for baby! fingers crossed for you. X 

  • Thank you guys i will make an apointment. bleeding is starting to slow down and my cramping has almost stopped. So i hope everthings ok

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