Am I pregnant ? Pictures underneath


  • Its hard to see.... the second one down looks positive but the others don't.... Can you get a different branded one? x

  • They all have 2 lines on them I've asked my friends and they said same as me ... I've done other branded one and its come up faint line again .... So been doctors and they told me book for ultrascan so I am going to do that to find out because I feel like I am and getting Symptoms x

  • That's not a very clear brand. Try a FRER pregnancy test maybe. Good luck with your scan.

  • What's a FRER preg test?? 

  • Sorry it means a First Response Early Result test. They are very very sensitive and clear to read.

  • Did the lines come up within the timeframe, as they do look a little like evaporation lines?

    So hard to tell on the computer screen. Are you late for your period?

    You're lucky they are scanning you, as its very unusual to do so unless a pregnancy has been confirmed by a urine test or blood tests.


  • Yes I'm very late on my period and yes they came up they ain't vaporation lines x 

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