not sure what to think opinions needed

My husband and I have been trying to concieve for about 5 months. We recently decided to try opk. I got my first + aug 28 at 12am. We bd the 28 29 and sept 1. I have been having cramps sore breats/nipples since the 1st. My breats were very tingly/itching/burning however you want to describe it lol it was very uncomfortable on the 6th. I had very very light spotting on sept 8th right before the spotting out of no where i had semi painful cramps on the left side of my belly. I have been nauseous, headaches, very fatigue extremely hungry, with back aches since aug 30th. I have a wierd feeling in my belly. I have had creamy cm since ovulation. My cervix seems high And AF is about 3-4 days late. I thought these were all good signs... Until today i noticed a little, very little blood in my cm and it was an orange color  :( im praying AF isn't coming but idk I don't normally feel like this when i pms. I don't spot before AF. I have been playing the waiting game with taking a test. Oh and my cycles are irregular. What are your Opinions ladies? im nervous!!!!!


  • I think you should take a test. It's best to know if you are or not then see why you might be spotting. Good luck!! 

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