Is this a faint bfp?

hi and hope you can help. I've had the fright of my life today with what I think is a faint bfp. Partner of 4 years and I have broken up this morning and my period is a day late. Am I seeing things? imageHelp!!!  I see something on the bottom test. image

Thank you so much for reading xxx


  • It might be an evaporation line. Try testing in a couple of days with flu. If you are pregnant the line should be darker.

  • I meant fmu not flu.

     Stupid autocorrect.

  • Thank you for replying X I tested yesterday with a superdrug early test and that's the top one which is negative. I've got horrible cramps and spotted two hours ago. xx

  • Your period might be coming soon. If you have been stressed lately it can delay your period by a few days. 

  • Good point. It's been a bad few days so maybe it's coming. But I still see something on the second test. I had spotting Saturday night after we were together so I'm completely confused with my body. I'll buy more tests and see what they say. A week ago I would've been overjoyed but now I'm frightened beyond belief. Thanks again for taking the time to reply xx

  • bfp 4 days before period is due?image

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