CD 19 help me figure out what's going on?!

Hi, I'm new here! I'm also new at ttc, this is month 3. I have a somewhat irregular cycle but average about 33 days. I have been using ovia to track this month and also first time using opk's. As I'd like to find out when i ovulate I've been doing them for about 10 days and I am currently on cd 19, still no positive test. 

Starting on cd 17 I have been having mild cramps off and on, as well as some hot flashes and nausea, again off and on. Today I've had all that plus woke up at 4am hungry and hungry 3 hours after lunch. Also off an on headache today. 

Is it just coincidence? Am I thinking too much into it? Could it be pregnancy symptoms this early or maybe late ovulation?

Driving myself nuts! 


  • Was your last period a normal one ? If it wasn't then maybe you should test to rule it out.  Also what time of day are you doing your opks ? They don't work with first morning urine x

  • Yeah, my last one was normal. Been doing them about 2-6pm!

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