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When is the best time to take a test?

I had what I thought was implantation bleeding Saturday. When is the right time to take a test?? 


  • Hi hun. I had what I believe was a big implantation temperature dip and rise on 9dpo. Four days later I had a strong BFP on a first response test so wait three or four days at least I would say. Good luck!

  • Did your temp dip go below your cover line? I had a dip on 12dpo and actually got a faint BFP on lunchtime of 12dpo too but have had negatives afterwards so unsure whats going on! Maybe it stuck and then didn't do anymore or maybe I just got lucky with a test.

    AF due anytime after tomorrow.... I am 14dpo today.

  • Yeah it dipped quite far below cover line and then next morning soared way backu I hope you both get your bfps soon. Xx

  • this month wasn't my month, just came on today.... As I was about to take a test! Hopefully better look next month xxx 

  • Ahhhhh ok.

    sorry to hear that. Baby dust x

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