Please give me ANY opinions "symptoms"

I know that we all over analyze everything.... I  will be 10dpo tomorrow. I am leaving out of state in 5 days for a week. (Hubby will not be going) I want to leave some things I've experienced in the past week and see if anyone has any clue what could be going on..  **Headaches, fatigue, SO hungry, extremely gassy, increase in urination (not much but noticable) , heightened sense of smell, weaker stomach.... More veins on boobs, some on legs. Bumps on nipples. ** this is all I can think of right now. BFN on the hpt I've taken. I just hate to go on this trip without knowing. I ovulated Sept. 5th. ANY opinions will be appreciated! I know it's still very early but I feel crazy.


  • They all sound like pregnancy symptoms, but you wont know for sure until you have or miss your period. Can you not take tests with you on your trip and test while your away? I'm a few days ahead (11 dpo today) and although I've had many symptoms I'm getting bfn at results. we'll just have to be patent and keep testing! Good luck x

  • Hi, 

    i think I ovulated on the 10th of this month. I only say think because I took a test, only seen the test line appear and thought it was just another negative one (as I've been having no luck) but then when I looked at it again (about half an hour) I could see a second line but very very faintly. 

    anyway, since then I've been having cramping as if I'm due a period but I'm not due until 25th. I've been very emotional and crying a lot over nothing ans taking it out on my OH. My nipples are more erect that normal and feel very sensitive to touch but not my actual breasts. My discharge has been like water, it feels damp but there's hardly anything there And I've been tracking it all on an app. 

    i would love some advice because I've been trying for over a year now and this is the first time anything like this has happened  

  • Hi I recommend to both of you trying a sensitive test x

  • What's a sensitive test? X

  • What is a sensitive test? Thanks for replying!

  • Magic82 even this morning I woke up with nausea and stomach cramps. Took a test and of course negative. I can take some while I'm away but I just hated to do that without my husband with me to share the moment with (just in case.) Good luck to you too dear! :)

  • I don't get nauseous I just get really bad cramps. It's driving me insane. Do you think it's still too early to do a test? I'm on day 18 of my cycle but shouldn't do a test for another 8 days for a strong result. I'm just dying to know 

  • I know the waiting is hard but try and wait til at least the day before your period is due or you might give yourselves false hope. Use a sensitive test like First Response Early Result, those are the best. Good luck!

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