Would love to know what's going on!

I came off the pill in may, had unprotected sex on Sunday morning, just past,  stomach completely bloated all the time, need to pee all the time, earing loads, have slight back discomfort and feeling nauseous! Would love to be pregnant but think coz this is only the 2nd time I ve had sex since coming off the pill, highly unlikely, period not due until a week on Thursday! Any thoughts anyone?


  • It only takes one - if you did it over OV day then, its possible... thats how I was when I was PG....

    Only a week to wait until period or if you are wanting to test early there are tests that do up to 6 days before period is due...

    Good luck


  • Thank you, fingers are crossed but think I am jusy being silly! My ovulation days were the 5th to the 10th September according to calculator and we had sex on Sunday 11th in the morning, would this count? X

  • Yep - because the apps aren't hard and fast - the only way to know is to temp. If you OVd on the 10th the egg hangs around for 24 hours so if you had sex on the 11th then there is a chance.... or if you OVd after this point then the spermies could have been there to meet it!!!

    When I fell in May went weren't actively trying, after working it out afterwards I either OVd on the Sat, Sun or Monday... based on what I know now and we had sex on the Sat night and Sun morning!!! 

  • Thanks for all ur info! It's funny sometimes, I feel pregant (silly I know) and then an hour later I feel completly normal again, just have no idea what is going on, I guess I ll just have to be patient x

  • Yeah - the 2ww is a killer!!! x

  • Tell me about it! My husband thinks I have become a right moan ha ha! Also meant to say, been having a bit of abdo discomfort shall we say but feel like I have more of a sore stomach,  it feels higher up,  wondering if this could be related! Don't have sore breasts or bigger breasts or metallic taste u mouth etc but maybe too early for all that, or maybe just not pregnant at all x

  • The metal taste for me was a few days before my AF was due....

    The sore stomach could be indigestion / heartburn so again a sign....

  • Thanks it's driving me mad coz also feel constipated and so uncomfortable, thanks for all ur comments tho, appreciate it x

  • No probs at all :)

    There is another thread on here called Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 2

    Thats really - good and a load if us on there keeping us all sane!!

  • Thanks, I ll have a look x

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