10dpo anyone else experiencing these symptoms???

Hi ladies,

me and my partner have decided to ttc again ive had 3 previous miscarriages after many tests all they could find was i have an under active thyroid so we havent ttc for just over 2 years but we started trying last month i tracked my ovulation and it came cd22 we bd all around the ovulation time and i was praying but then my period came! i had my implant out  back in june only had it in for 6 months. so this month i tracked my ovulation again and it came at cd15 this time which is about normal so we bd 3 days before, on the day and 2 days after. today is 10dpo and 7 days till my period is due ( my cycles are average 31 days) i got impatient and did a test yesterday with a fr but was negative which i was expecting but im getting fed up waiting haha ive been getting what im hoping are symptoms some of which i had with previous pregnancy's ive got big blue veiny boobs my nipples i cant even touch there so sensitive im also having mood swings, im bloated, im very gassy aswell lol, and im absolutely shattered! now im hoping these are signs im going to test on sunday ive got a ERCB and a FR if one comes up negative ill try the other one. 


  • Good luck for Sunday! I really hope you get your bfp soon. 

  • im itching to test but i know the longer i wait the more chance of a positive. the wait is the worst!! 

  • Good luck hun:)

    wait until 3-4 days b4 AF due at least for a decent FR result!

    Clear Blue aren't as sensitive  and will most likely be negative until day AF due or day after:/

    Hope you get your BFP:)

  • its clear blue early response says can test up to 6 days before missed period im going to test on the 18th my period is due 22nd i will try the first response test first.

    what test would you recommend? 

    i got positive with all my previous pregnancies with clear blue and not first response thats why i brought both x

  • First Response are 12.5miu

    Clear blue are 25-50miu depending on which test:)

    I recommend both!! I start with first response or Superdrug own brand ( middle of the range tests are really good and can test 4 days early) they are 10miu and have worked at 10dpo for me:)

    good luck:)

  • on the packet of my clear blue ER it says 10miu? i will just try both on sunday haha x

  • Good luck:)

    Thats handy to know if Clear blue do a 10miu one:)

    whats it called??

  • Picture didn't upload it called clear blue early detection x

  • Thanks:) will have a quick looksie!! I do trust FRs and Clear blue but I've never used CB until after day of missed AF if it's that sensitive I know Ivan get those aswel if on offer:)

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