Advice please?

Hi everyone,

a few weeks ago I posted on here with an image of a test with a faint line. i have now done a few more and i am now 3+ weeks pregnant with my first child & can't wait!! just need some advice, if anyone can answer these questions?

1. When should I book an appointment to see the doctor/nurse? as I have heard the test they do aren't as sensitive as ones off the shelf.

2. When would you expect to start showing?

3. Is it normal to have the constant feeling of wanting to throw up?

new to all this so I would appreciate any help, thank you Xx


  • Hi hun. Congrats on your bfp!

    1. What country do you live in? If you are in the UK, the doctors don't usually urine test you anymore if you have had several positives at home already but they update your medical records and can give you midwife info for when you will need your first midwife appointment which usually happens at 7-8 weeks pregnant. 

    2. Every pregnancy is different for when you will start to show. If you Google pregnancy bump pictures on Google you should get a rough idea.

    3. Nausea is totally normal in early pregnancy. Maybe get a nice big pregnancy book off ebay or amazon. Im on my first pregnancy too and I have four books full of pictures and daily advice which are very good.

    Make sure you're taking 400mg of folic acid every day and join a Birth Club on this chat forum in the Pregnancy and birth clubs section so you can talk to ladies who are the same amount of weeks pregnant as you image

  • Hi I'm living in the U.K. And thank you so much for your advice it has really helped! Congratulations to yourself aswell,exciting times ahead :) 

  • My doctor did not do a test at all, they said that the home test was accurate and were happy with that. In fact I was a bit surprised that more fuss was not made, just blood pressure etc and booking in to the system. But I guess I was on a bit of a high at the time. 

  • Very exciting! image

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