ttc baby #1 HELPPP!

so last time i was here, was a while ago.i thought i was pregnant due to the fact that i hadn't gotten my period for 3 months. But i have an irregular cycle, which sucks!image i finally got my period after waiting almost 5 months without my af. Af came sep.8th,- sep 12th . Af only lasted 4 1/2 days as usual but it was on and off. i was intimate with my fiance before my cycle started,during,and after( sorry for all the details im just really desperate and need someone to understand what im going through waiting for a sign)after my cycle finished i still feel like im about to get my period, i feel sore breast, basically pregnacy symptoms. but what if my mind is just tricking me into believing im expecting something ive wanted since i can remember. i need advice, someone to talk to! i been ttc for about almost 8 months now. and im loosing hope of ever being a mother.....


  • Don't get discourage Ellie! 

    My hubby and been ttc for 6 months w/o using ovulation kits and just having fun baby dancing and let it happen naturally. Don't give up! 

  • Thank you so much @bbydnce but i think i might be pregnant. wish me luck . How are you doing

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