Help ladies!

Ok so I've been searching everything online about IB (implantation bleeding, early light periods, and what is the difference?) My cycle is usually 21-23 and my AF date usually falls on the 20th-23rd every month for the last year. This month was different and threw me off. I'm so confused. So the other day Sept 16th '16 I woke up went to go potty and wiped, saw some pink creamy discharge. (Was thrown off on why I was seeing anything when my period wasn't due until 4 or 5 days later.) i used  a panty liner for day 1 just light pink/brown spotting here and there through out the day and when I wiped pinkish discharge was on the tissue. On day 2 it was still very light in the morning and later on that day it was a light bright red 'period' Wore a panty liner it didn't fill up the panty liner or anything and only was there when I wiped through out the day. So today is Day 3 went to the bathroom this morning and my pad (from last night) was semi full, the color was a darker red but I guess the flow is medium heavy? I currently have cramps, but they're not severe like my regular AF cramps where I take midol to survive the day. My scheduled period date isn't for another couple days so if anybody has had this happen to them before please share your information. Is this just a light period that gradually became kind of medium heavy? Did you have ladiea have IB like what I'm going through right now? My hubby and I been TTC for 6 months. I have never had a strange / early 'period' like this. If anybody can help me I'll highly apprecite it. (Hoping this flow slow does later today and ends shortly. Gonna take a HPT on the 20th just to be safe!) Send me baby dust. I hope this is just strange IB! Thanks for reading ladies. 


  • Update: just went to the bathroom and it was red, pink, brown, and light brown blood on my pad no clots. (My thread is very TMI) sorry everybody lol D: When I wiped just redish pink blood on the tissue. cramps are still very mild. Unlike my regular AF my first 2 days are usually really heavy! Is this a funky AF or IB. Waiting to take a HTP in couple days if this flow continues to stay all weird. 

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