Help, can i have a second!? Dpo symptoms?


I've read through so many treads on so many sites!!

I am ttc no 2, ds is nearly 4. He was concieved v easily and was a suprise so I just dont remember the 2ww symptoms. 

Only our third month trying but both over 35.

This month and last have had bloating and pulling with quesiness but it meant nothing last month.  Feel like its my first time am totally cluess for what to look out for but really want another darling baby!


  • Sorry for bad predictive text btw!!😆

  • I'm kind of in the same boat as you, my partner and i are going back to the baby stage again but first time together, I'm 36 and he's 30 and just had a vasectomy reversal. Our first month trying I had every symptom going. On to our second cycle now, ov is this week. So nerve wracking!!

  • I had every single symptom in the 2ww.  Its quite common because you are more aware of them because you are looking for symptoms! 

    Fingers crossed you dont have too many 2ww to suffer.

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