Not sure!

hi so i am a week and a half past ovulation I have insanely sore breasts and bad heart burn is it normal to have these symptoms that close after ovulation indicating pregnancy. I'm nervous as a year ago I had an ectopic pregnancy which would have been my first and even though it was ectopic I new I was pregnant bc my breasts were so sore and that was the only reason I took the test. So I'm just wondering if it's comman to have these symptoms of pregnancy only a little after a week after ovulation?


  • It can go either way..I would always symptom spot and put anything and everything down to being pregnant but I wasn't...But

    I had symptoms from early on but only got my BFP at 10dpo! 

    My symptoms were sore nipples, Bad wind and indigestion.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • Pregnancy symptoms can start as soon as your embryo has implanted which can happen within a week and a half so it is possible. I hope this is your month.

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