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Ttc afte miscarriage

I had a DnC July 22nd 2016 with my first baby an me an my husband are wanting one so bad I have been using the clear blue digital to tell me when I get close to ovulation has anyone ever use these? I'm a little confused about them I started taking them really early on in the is month first couple of weeks i got a big O witch means nothing that what's it says on the box an later on for about four days I got a blinking smiley face wicth on the box say most fertile days so we bd on all of them days then I waited to get a soild smiley face an I did an on the box again says you at you peak an I'm guessing witch means you about to ovulation withen the next 12-24 hours that what I read from other people   So today I'm on the second day after the soild smiley face an we plan on bding again tonight does anyone have an advice on the clear blue if it has worked for them this is my first month using them an I'm  confused on if I'm about to   Ovulate or have already also my cm a couple days ago was quite thick but I know its nothing to witch  infection or anything like that because I've done been to the doctor but sorry if TMI but I've been kinda dry haven't really  noticed any Wetness just any advice  would be greatly appreciated

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