Luteal phase

does the Luteal phast change? i have a cycle of 26 days and I ovulated on the 5th of this month putting me to start AF today but nothing yet.  i normally start in the mornings. I was gonna test but I didn't wanna get a bfn. thank you in advance! 😊


  • Hi hun, I don't think your luteal phase can change beyond one or two days either side image

  • Luteal phase is Usualy anything from 12-16 days I think however it all depends when the individual person ovulated!

    Mine was only 9 days this cycle so no chance of pregnancy whereas normally it's exactly 14 days on a 26-28 day cycle:)

    but it's what's normal for you that counts:)

    Good luck 🍀🍀

  • image This was my opk test that Sunday. that's how I know I ovulated the following day. I'm prolly gonna test first thing tomorrow. Thank you for the response. I really hope I get my BFP!!

  • I hope so too , fingers crossed 🍀🍀🍀

  • So I was thinking.. feed back PLEASE! lol 

    So my cycles are normally 25-26 days. My Luteal phase is always 14days. I ovulated on cycle day 11. So would that make me late? Since today I'm 14dpo. Should I go off of my Luteal phase or would I go off when my cycle would end?  (Cd26) Which would be Wednesday. Please help. I know I'm making this difficult Lol

  • missmyangels I think you mentioned this earlier I'm just clueless on which to go by? I know in ovulated ok the cycle day 11 since I got that postive I posted earlier on cycle day 10

  • You can test from 10dpo if you are 14dpo you will get a definite result on a pg test:)

    You count dpo( luteal phase) from day after your first positive opk x

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