Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 10

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 9, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all well and lots of baby dust.



  • Brilliant , thank you 

  • Really freaking out here. Was due the results of the samples taken during my d+v. They said they would send me a letter but they have just called and want to see me tomorrow morning. That can't be good can it?!?

  • Aw Austin... it doesn't have to mean something bad... it might be they want to repeat your bloods or arrange further tests or just to tell you everything was normal. Sometimes they say it'll be a letter but the consultant likes the personal touch and asks to see you.

    Try not to panic and see what tomorrow brings. Everyone on this forum is great and we will be happy to chat afterwards if needed xxxx

  • Congratulations ethriel he's adorable so happy for you both.

    Congratulations Nicky what a lovely scan fingers crossed everything is well for you from now on.


  • Hello, i have been ttc baby #3 for 2 years. 3 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and to say I was over the moon is an understatement. How last week I started bleeding and have since lost the baby. Im desperate to try again but as I'm sure you all are I'm terrified. so hoping for some baby dust and a whole lot of luck xx

  • Austin -  hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. 

    Nicky-wonderful scan! Sounds like you are having a tough time bless you! 

    MMA- best of luck, hope the side effects stay away!

    Welcome binceys_mummie- ever so sorry you find yourself here especially after such a journey of ttc. Lots of luck and baby dust to you! 

    Sweetcherrypie - how are you feeling? 

    I'm back to fetal medicine for another scan next Tues so keeping everything crossed for more good news! 


  • Thank you nalc, the hardest thing is when everyone says "it will happen when you don't think about it" grrrrr

  • Austin hope your appointment goes well got everything crossed for you.. 

    Nicky lovely scan photo.. 

    Mma good luck hope the side affects stay away.. 

    Welcome me to all the new ladies so sorry for your loss, we are all nice and anything we can do or help I'm sure one of us will have advice....  

    So finally the little lady went back to school and I went to work and got a test from sainsbury fingers cross I get my bfp, will keep you posted xxxx 

    lots of baby dust to everyone xxx 

  • I hated the "at least you know you can pregnant "

    sorry for your loss. 

    Everyone here is lovely and it helped me comes to terms with my loss at 10 weeks. No one judges you and so much support xxx

  • I have to admit I have read through some posts before I wrote. You all support each other so much..

    I have also had the "at least you can get pregnant" and "aren't you happy with 2" i do have to bite my tongue. 


  • Yeah and the "you're more fertile after a miscarriage" 

    my niece announced she was 6 weeks PG just 2 weeks after my miscarriage.... I have not seen or spokeN to her since... I feel guilty but it's too hard. Especially as she was on the pill. Am on cycle 3 actively trying, been off BC since March 2015 and scared it will take as long this time round :( 

    had a positive OPK 3 days after my AF which only lasted a day so am hoping was IB... am on holiday at the moment so will test when home and keeping everything crossed. Don't have any symptoms though... so am not hopeful 

  • Fingers crossed for you...

    my brother and his very on/off gf announced they were expecting last week. Makes me so mad, they can't look after themselves let alone a baby.

    i try and not get

    i guess I need to wait for af now before we start trying again. 

  • Evening ladies so I have confirm my bfp, I'm feeling petrified and little bit excited but don't want to get my hopes up, like the last time but I'm really going to try and stay positive Xxxx 

  • Thanks Apricot, that's very kind. Will try to stay positive. AuntieNat that's fantastic news!! Congratulations xxx

  • Auntienat - huge congratulations!!xx

  • Wow auntienat- what fantastic news!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Xxx

  • Congratulations Auntienat😀 Xxx

  • Auntienat congratulations x

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