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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  • Lol medusa email my afternoon, love autocorrect x

  • I know what you meant though

  • I hope so Emy.... if not then at least next month I have the CB trial 

    still got this cycle too though !!!

  • Well I hope ur gett lots of dancing in anyway butterfly 😉 X

  • Will try !!! 😜 

  • Hi ladies!

    New home for us! 

    Pool looks so nice butterfly. Jealous onwards more day of work for me! Just got back from cinema saw Bridget Jones baby was really funny.

    Foodie I think we all feel the same. So nice to connect with people in the same situation. I think a few of the girls have added on Facebook so could make a messenger group.

    Medusa sorry about your BFN what day are you now? The TTW sucks 

    East I was using the cheap OPKS but I've decided to just BD every other day from today and just chill out this month. I think sometimes the OPKS can put to much pressure on and was making me stressed so a month without for me and if no luck I'll start using again next month 

    Louhan sorry your feeling fed up, anything we can do to help? I think we all have down days. 

    Baby dust to all xxx

  • One more day of work even! Stupid phone x 

  • Emy  that is so funny.  I was rushing at work to reply. Didn't check autocorect 😂😂. 

    Kimmy  I am dpo 12. Af  due tomorrow. 

  • Oh and  you know how I said my cat was constantly on my lap when I had all those symptoms,  now  she is not coming near me. Maybe they  do feel stuff.. 

  • Hi is there another thread I should post in as I've just got my bfp. Doc confirmed I'm 5 weeks pregnant.  It's all so unreal and fabulous.  Hope everyone is ok.

    Baby dust all xxx


  • Still early the medusa- fingers crossed.  My cat never sits with me so I would get suspicious if that happened. The dog on the other hand wants to sit on my lap all the time. 

    Hey stuzie- I believe there is a due in may thread over on the pregancy and birth chat bit - glad your doctor visit went well. Your more than welcome to still chat with us though 


  • Hi kimmi I saw bright Jones baby on Saturday before getting very drunk lol. 

    Medusa fingers crossed AF doesn't show up tomorrow.

    i can't get my head round why a lot of us are having odd cycles, my opk on day 8 dried a lot stronger than I expected it too, then much lighter yesterday cd9, then almost nothing today cd10 - had a temp did yesterday and spotting today. Just waiting to see if they get stronger again over the next few days because at the moment it's looking possible for super early ovulation. I'm assuming at this stage it's not and expecting ov cd14/15. Assuming the temp dip and spotting are just conincidence. 

    Loreli you are being very quite hope ur ok and just busy.

  • Evening ladies, am laying here having a weak moment. Has anyone else lost all passion for BD? OH is trying so hard to keep it alive and normally im ok, but tonight (sorry if tmi) i just found myself thinking it was a waste of time and wouldnt work and what was the point. I tried hard to disguise that i was just not into it but clearly it didnt work as OH dtd then told me to stop overthinking it.... whoops! Now i feel guilty and fed up of trying. image

    A facebook group sounds good xxx 

  • Foodiemum....that pic pretty much sums up how I feel!! And yes,'s hard keeping the passion when you are trying to time it (or at least we do) and my hubby always says that he doesn't want to "schedule" it but I can't help it with these damn OPKs.... 

    Medusa - sorry about the BFN... It really isn't fun getting those, but I always say it ain't over til the witch comes!! You are still in!!!

    Hi Kimmi, I agree with you OPK testing really makes a girl goes crazy. I think I'm done with them once I'm through my pack. I have a love hate relationship with the OPKs. Lol

    Stuzie- congrats to you!! 

  • Hi ladies, thank you for the welcome! I've been reading and trying to understand the abbreviations (Loreli is a great help lol) I'm 22dpo and just bought a hpt to try tomorrow with fmu. Fingers crossed n I'm nervous. This is my first time ttc after fibroid issues.
    Hope to learn a lot from this group.

  • Told ya! @lovibleK. Tty on whatsapp coz everyone on here is sleeping lol

  • Lolol @ loreli

  • Good luck for your test :) 

    sat in bed drinking coffee ready to get up and sunbathe again.... after the buffet breakfast! Water park tomorrow....

    my boobs are starting to hurt today.... sore nipples.... hopefully a good sign.... :) 

  • Morning girls,

    foddiemum that little picture made me laugh 😂 I know exactly where you are coming from about the passion for bd, dh and I both have the same problem sometimes it just feels like you are only doing it for one reason because it's good timing not because you want to. Dh doesn't have a huge sex drive perhaps because he is older (49 don't tell him I told you lol). Sometimes (most of the time) I'm just exhausted by the time the kids have gone to bed that all my body wants to do is nothing. This month I'm making a big effort to keep it alive and cover the whole month not just aiming for the peak time. 

    Oh loviblek how exciting, good luck for testing let us know how you get on.

    Butterfly sunbathe, buffet breakfast, water park I'm feeling a little green eyed lol 

    image Seriously it sounds like your having a wonderful time, sounds like just what you need. 

    how is everyone else doing? Sending lots of baby dust xx

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