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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  •  foodiemum I know exactly what you mean about it being stressful. Me and oh aren't talking today as according to my app I should be super fertile so we were supposed to dtd last night but I went to bed first and he was messing around on his ipad and I fell asleep before he came up so now we have had a big argument and it's stupid really as my opks are still a very faint line anyway so prob doesnt matter that we didn't BD but the stress just really gets to me. And then this morning I had a temp dip and seem to have some ewcm but still opk really faint.  Think you are right about overthinking everything - it just causes too much stress and arguments. 

    Fingers crossed for you loviblek and medusa xx

  • Has anyone got their dh on wellman conception? My dh is taking it but m it leaves a funny taste in his mouth. Man up and deal with it is pretty much my answer to that lol

  • Think my Dh would draw the line at that. I think if I asked him he would think I was saying he wasn't fertile enough. Maybe I should grind some down into his coffee 😂 Wonder if it's got iron in it - that could leave a funny taste in mouth perhaps. 

  • Lol you guys make me giggle!! Thinking it's just because it's our first true cycle and that we've just moved out of my oh nanas house that we are bding every other day or there abouts so haven't had the stuck in a rut moment yet! 

    Hope your enjoying your holiday butterfly it sounds amazing!

    I'm currently on cd25 and due to test on Mon though I did cave last night and got a bfn though I expected it cos it's way too soon 😂😂

    We're not doing opks for the first 6 months just supposed to be taking it easy and yet 1st month and were like kids in a candy store lol both symptom checking 😂😂

  • Blindingfate sounds like you getting off to a good start. Good luck for testing Monday x

  • It's lovely relaxing. My boobs are hurting today, tingly burning nipples... been having a lot of bloating too but could be the food or am gearing for ovulation or I dunno anymore! Lol 😂 my body confuses the hell out of me!!!

  • Butterfly I hope it is good news for you x

  • Me too.... an bding anyway :)

  • Thanks butterfly, oh water park?  That sounds great a good day for fun under the sun. ..have alot of fun tomorrow... 

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It has become a bit of a chore but we did say that this month we would try to bd every other day from start to end of cycle. Isn't it amazing that when we were first together we wouldn't give it a second thought and sometimes it was 2 or 3 times a day - he would actually kill me for telling you this!

    Anyway, enough of me being miserable...... we are all in the same boat. Well except for Butterfly who is sunning her hotdogs next to a pool lol! I'm not jealous at all image

    CD9 for me today, so am in the run up to ovulation. Do any of you use Glow? It doesn't seem to give me much info other than when I may or may not be ovulating or due af. I really want to chart BBT - this app asks me too, but I don't seem to be able to view it in a graph?

    How is everyone? x

  • Good morning ladies...
    Took the hpt with fmu but got my BFN. Breasts painful n swollen. Symptom spotting. Had brown spotting n then nothing. If that was IB, would that mean it's too early to poas?.

  • Usually they say 4 days after IB x

  • Foodiemum 'ovia' and 'fertility friend' are better apps than glow I found. They both have graphs on them xxxx 

  • Good morning ladies, so I caved and tested this morning.... 10 dpo... BFN. I know it's still early, but I can't help but be discouraged :( 

  • It's such a roller coaster of emotions starlight - today you feel discouraged but by this time tomorrow you could have had a bfp and be feeling on top of the world. Good luck xxx

  • Just a quick question ladies - when you get your positives on your opks does the positive line come up straight away or does it take a few minutes to show up? Thanks xx 

  • Morning all. CD 44...... sigh..

    Had some really bad cramps thus morning in my lower left abdomen region....  well my left ovaries area... I know the cyst is on my left but it's so small I don't think it could b doing that.... why is Ovia still giving me an ovulation period if AF didn't even come? 

    I'm super frustrated. 

    Have all the fun u can now Butterfly. Make great memories so that when u get back out to work n the she devil acts up, u can think of the good times! I really hope you hit a home run for all of us to have some reason to rejoice. 

    Foodiemum what r u cooking? I'm starving! Lol!

    Louhan and Foodiemum It's frustrating to me now coz when OH wants "some",  I'm like...(I say this in my head) "What's the⁉➗➕ point? It's not sticking when it does happen so just use ur ⁉➗➕ hand!".... butttttt..... in reality coz I don't wanna hurt his feelings I turn into his porn star... 

    LovibleK I think u tested too soon. Hope u didn't just buy 1 stick becuz I would pinch u Lol! Ovia tells u when to check. Did u log your spotting? Did you check your cervix yet? 

    Emy your resistance to poas is building! (Unless ur secretly peeing on sticks) lol! Tell me something, my OH had a really good semen analysis result, do you think he would still need these pills u speak of?

    What's up with everyone else?

  • imageLouhan - you're totally right - it's a rollercoaster of emotion! It sucks when you want something soooooo bad!!! As for the opks ..for me - the positive line seems to be there right away, but after a minute or two it gets darker if positive. For me when I am ovulating the test line is as dark as the control line...but sometimes I get the same super dark line for 2 days. Im not sure if that is normal. I've attached a pic of my positive O .... it's nice being a part of this community/form! Good luck to those testing today!

  • Don't be too hard on yourself Starlight, it's too early hun. You and LovibleK hold hands and say NO to the hpt before the 2ww is over lol!

    Louhan I've noticed the line gets strong in about the 1st minute.  My sticks short full results in 3 to 5 minutes though. Did yours show up immediately?

  • Yo girls,

    Loriblek - what cd are you on? how many days po? Perhaps it was IB?

    Louhan - will give those apps a go, Glow is annoying me. When I test it normally takes a minute or 2 to come up with anything (if it I going to). I tend to get nothing, then a faint line for a week, then 2 days of dark lines, then faint and then nothing - I am not even sure if that is normal. This should answer your question too Starlight. I may start posting pics of mine so you ladies can let me know what you think.

    Loreli - hope you start to feel better soon, sending you big hugs. I am making chilli and baked sweet potatoes tonight - who is coming for dinner?! hahahahaha I have tried the naughty approach but the last time I came on all seductive in an outfit he laughed at me like I was mental!

    So tell me about Cervix positions? What does high and soft mean and how does that relate to PG or OV? What should it be during the different stages?

    OH put himself on Wellman, he doesn't get funny after taste, he takes it part way through his meal (as he takes everything literally - with food) lol!

    Starlight that looks +ve to me xx

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