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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  • Thanks Loreli. There is still hope :) When do you test?

  • It's meant to be soft and high on ovulation and again if PG. But I don't think everyone is the same!

    inisually dip my OPK and theN have my shower and come back and check it. Takes a while for the dye to dry. Still can't believe how strong mine were on AF.... still resisting the trip to the local pharmacy here.... yep I found out where it is!! 🙊

    Its a hot one here today! absolutely roasting my tits off! Haha

    hope everyone is all ok

  • Should have been my sticks show*

  • Good question Starlight. I did a blood test which showed BFFN on Monday. Was told u had a dissolved pregnancy.  I'm now on Cd44. So when do I test???? I've not the foggiest idea. According to Ovia... I test in 10 days. Not sure why I would need to, if AF never came in the first place. I have no symptoms apart from the pain in my lower left tummy.

  • Yes foodiemum I want to learn about cervix position too. I think I can feel where it is but have no idea whether it's soft hard high low etc 🤔 My app asks whether it is feeling like my chin or my nose . What's that all about??!!

  • The whole Cp thing confuses the hell out of me

  • Hey girls 

    foodiemum I use ovia and period calendar.

    loviblek sorry to hear it was bfn, if it is ib then in 4 days later should hopefully show something.

    Eastcoast sorry to hear of your bfn, don't be to discouraged easy to say I know but some ladies don't even implant until 12dpo so there is still time for you.

    louhan for me sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes for my opks to reach full intensity, when it's going to be positive the line starts to show quite quickly if that makes any sense ? 

    Hi hi loreli I think ovia just guesses until you put in the right information. Your making me laugh again you little porn star 😂 I am peeing on opks but totally confused at what my body is up to lol. With reference to the vitamins you mentioned, I don't think my dh has any problems with his sperm, I think it my fault it's not happening but I still asked him to take them to improve the chance of his soldiers pentitrating my unwelcoming eggs lol. They have amazing reviews only. I your case I think dhs soldiers are playing their part well lol.  Please be aware of the pain on one side sweetie if it gets any worse please mention it to your doc.

    Butterfly you have found the pharmacy eek. Keep those boobies in place you may need them soon. Lol

    foodiemum if you can do me a veggie option I will be right over. I'm actually cooking one of the only things I can cook well tonight. It's a  Halloumi, sweet potato and red wine pie, it's probably my favourite food. 


  • Yeah they are getting a bit bruisey feeling today.... still going to stay away from the chemist.... it's a 10 minute trek away! plus am enjoying my lunchtime Rioja 🙊

  • Enjoy one for me to butterfl lol. Are you flying back in on Saturday? I'm picking family up there but their flight doesn't get in until 11.45 ish so will be a late one for me by the time they get through x

  • we land at 10.45!! Flying into Gatwick north 

  • They are flying into south an hour later lol, I only live about 5 minutes from the airport, give me a wave from the plane as you come into land 😀. 

  • U guys should meet n take a selfies! Lol

  • image this is what I was trying to post first! Lol

  • Yes is that ovia loreli? That's what mine says  . Think I may give the cervix thing a miss - my nose and chin feel the same. Maybe I have a fat squidgy nose .

  • lol louhan 😂

  • Sorry to hear that Loreli :( Sending positive vibes your way! Where are you all from if you don't mind me asking? I live in Edmonton Canada :)

  • Near Windsor in Berkshire, U.K. 

  • Milton Keynes,  UK 

    I think my period is starting but is not like usual.  I have some stringy black stuff when I wipe.  Sorry if tmi. Can't wit to talk to my doctor about the next step. 

  • I am from derby xx

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