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Just finished O heading into 2 week wait - Part 3



  • Medusa stringy black stuff could it be ib that's just taken its time to come out ? X

  • Born in St. Kitts, live in Antigua  ( pronounced An-tee-ga)

    Black stringy stuff definitely isn't normal... 

  • Antigua is beautiful  loreli I have been there many many years ago X

  • Have you ever been to the uk loreli? X

  • Nope. Never been to the UK.  Was gonna go when I was younger. My aunt wanted me to move there and live with her. I have family in London and Essex. Never been to Canada either. 

    I've been to all the Caribbean islands and a few places in the US when I was a flight attendant. Wanted to go by LovibleK for Miami Carnival this year but that didn't work out (cost of tickets was crazy!) Definitely going to Puerto Rico to shop for Thanksgiving though! 

  • Hi ladies 

    Lots of pages to read though- Loreli love how you put the pronounce on ha ha 

    I'm from Essex UK 

    I'm CD 8 so not much happening my end. 

    I'm not even gonna check my cervix this month just gonna keep baby dancing and hoping for the best.

    I usee Ovia app as find it the easiest.

    Hope your all OK today 


  • Yay!  I lost 1.5 kg. 😊

  • We are all over the map! :):)

  • We went to Aruba for our honeymoon in April absolutely loved it there. I'm near Gatwick Airport 

  • Medusa look!

    Main Causes of Black Vaginal Discharge

    Implantation Bleeding

    If the black vaginal discharge is continuous and the menstrual period is delayed, such secretions could appear due to the implantation process. Dark brown or even black color discharge can occur 6 to 12 days after egg fertilization. The newly-formed embryo begins its attachment to the uterine wall. The uterine lining is rich in blood and regularly sheds once in a month, if fertilization does not occur. If conception is successful, some blood vessels can be ruptured by the embryo in the process of its implanting. Discharge during the egg-attachment is rather a common symptom. It appears in 30% of all pregnancies and is called implantation bleeding. Moreover, its color can also vary: it can be brown, black or pink. This factor depends on how old the blood from the uterine lining is, i.e. how much time it took for this blood to pass out of the body.

    To diagnose implantation bleeding you need to contact your doctor and pass several tests. Remember, that the home pregnancy test (HPT) will be positive and accurate only if your hCG level is enough to be detected in the urine. If implantation has occurred and your test is negative, in some time other pregnancy signs will appear. Anyway, if you suspect conception and experience black vaginal discharge, try to discuss this matter with your ob-gyn. Cervical mucus with black drops of blood is the first symptom of the premature placental abruption. Dark secretions during pregnancy can also indicate a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. In such a case a woman can feel lightheadedness and palpitation.

  • Hey Loreli my old neighbor is from St. Kitts and her husband is from the island that share the same flag as St. Kitts. I forgot the name of the island though.  

  • Oh Joe u mean Nevis! St. Kitts and Nevis.  Lovely place but I won't lie to u, the crime rate is VERY high. 

  • Thanks loreli implantation would be nice :)  still no period but black discharge.  But I think I am a bit late for ib,I think I am dpo14. I ll wait and see.  If af does not arrive until Saturday I will test again. Thanks for looking into it for me.  😙

  • Oh help please I am so confused attached are my opk for last week which I took as all being negative due to the strength in colour and ff chart has now penciled in I am 3dpo what do you all think


  • This is my ffs chart image

  • lol

    This is my ff chart showing 3 dpo image

  • The middle one looks like it was a near positive so you may have peaked some time that day?

    i only ever tested once a day but was also using the CB digi to confirm. I read that some ladies don't get OPKs but confirm their ovulation through temps....

    my OPKs were positive on CD3 which i think is weird so I think temping is probably a better way to track properly and just have OPKs as a back up. I am away at the moment still with no thermometer or sticks so just BDing as much as possible just in case.... weird not tracking but also quite nice!

    i would love to go to Antigua. Been to miami and Colorado in the US and also Canada. Stayed in Calgary and visited Penticton.

    have also done Mexico, Jamaica and Dominican Republic 

    off to the water park today, making sure I factor up.... sun was hot yesterday and I have a bit of a "glow" lol ☀️ 

  • Thank you for explaining as I was so confused so the wait begins for me.

    Wow lots of traveling enjoy the sun and heat and send some this direction lol

  • Wow butterfly you are well traveled, I am very fortunate to be also. Although I did most of it before I was even 18 as my mum worked for BA. 

    Ready and waiting, I agree with butterfly about the one opk that is near to positive, it's not impossible that you may have had your surge some time that day. Does the nearly positive opk coincide with the temps ? X

    medusa im excited for you that AF hasn't shown yet, I believe it's possible that when we have ib it doesn't always come straight out so that could explain why it's dark in colour old blood. Fingers are crossed for you xx

  • Feeling really fed up . After arguing about not dtd the night before last, we did actually manage to dtd last night - really unromantic and could tell dh was cross about having to perform on demand. Then this morning still no darkish line on opk and negative on dual hormone clearblue so presumably am still nowhere near ovulating even though am CD14. Am presuming I prob won't ovulate this cycle. sorry to moan - am just feeling like I can't cope with the stress of it anymore. am finding it hard that the clearblue has to be done as soon as you get up so when that's a negative it puts me in a bad mood right from the start of the day 😔. 

    Hope all you lovely ladies are having a better day than me xxxx

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