Could I be pregnant but too early to tell?

Hello All, 

im  bit nervous posting this as I have never done this before, and Iv never been pregnant before! Just looking for some advice before i go to the docs!

For the last few days I have had really achy legs and back, bit of pain in my hips and really sore boobs and nipples(sorry!) they almost feel a bit bruised! I only recently came off the pill, I did a pregnancy test first thing this morning and it was negative, it was just a cheaply Asda one so was a bit unsure if I could trust it. Could I be having symptoms even if it's too early to tell if I'm actually pregnant? Or maybe I'm just building it up in my head because it would be so amazing to fall pregnant?

any advice would be greatly appreciate. Sorry for the essay!



  • How recently have you come off the pill ? Are you late for you period ? The short answer is if your period hasn't arrived and you have been having unprotected sex there you could be pg. best thing to do is give it a couple of days and test again first thing in the morning. Good luck x

  • Iv only been properly off the pill for about a month, but before that I had missed quite a few.

    i was on the cerrelle pill that you take everyday, so I don't have periods, which is why it's harder for me to tell! Thank you for your advise, i will test again next week and see :) x

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