Evap OR Pos?


I have the Mirena since last year Oct and have had no problems at all until this month. I went for my 3 month check-up after an operation where they removed the Mirena and placed it back. With the check-up my gynea told me that I am ovulating which is strange because this never happened to me. I normally get very light periods, but I am a few days late now and all the tests are neg. I do have symptoms like breast tenderness especially around my nipples and on the sides, tiredness, moody (Vit B6 didn't help at all) and this morning I got almost threw up after my coffee and just the smell of egg makes me want to puke!!! Also, I did have a very tick, bubblegum like stretchy discharge a week after ovulation, now it's almost like a milky white colour. NO SIGNS OF AF! 

My husband and I are very very very fertile. 

What's the chances? The blue-ish photo's is inverted photo's to see the lines better. If I am pregnant it will only be like 2 weeks I think....



  • It might be a very faint positive but some tests leave evaporation lines. Test again in a few days maybe with a more sensitive brand. Good luck x

  • Thanks for the reply. imageThis is one I took this morning. 

    I have done the bleach test and the sugar test. Both came out the same asmy ppregnant friend  and she is 23 weeks. She got pregnant with the Mirena. 

    Will do one end of the week. 

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