Can someone help me re: ovualtion...please!

Ok so im getting a tad frustrated now. This month I'm ttc with various supplements (mainly for my borderline pcos) I'm pretty sure I ovulate but Ive been using OPK's and charting my temp this month to make sure. 

Well, my app tells me ovualtion was due yesterday cd13. My OPK's have slowly been getting darker since cd8 and cd13 (yesterday) it got as dark as it'll go, as in as close to the same colour band as the test line (internet cheapie's so not sure if this is why), anyway theres been no line there now since about 7 hours after the darkest line so I'm taking it as a positive or maybe I caught the end of my surge. I started testing early because my cycles normally 28-30 days but ive had one that was 27 days so really wanted every chance to catch ovulation.

Ive had all the usual aches and twinges down there like I normally do around predicted ovulation time. My temp hasn't gone up much today but then maybe today is when the eggs going to be released so I'm hoping that's tomorrow.

The thing thats bothering me (now I've got over the fact OPK's probably aren't a good option for me) is that my CM has just been watery for 5 days now! i ALWAYS have slippery clear CM around this time but it's just stayed watery!! I'm wondering if it's one of the supplements I'm using? And also is it going to effect my chances at all? 

I decided to try and check my cervix position earlier and to try and find some CM, but if I'm honest have no clue what I'm feeling for! If I found it, it was miles up there (I'll spare the details of what I thought it felt like) and it was still watery CM!! 

If anyone does take the time to read this then I really thank you, any insight would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise I think I feel better for venting my frustration!!!! 


  • Hey lottie I'm not sure if the supplements could cause the watery cm but if I were you I would focus on the temp and the opk stick xx

  • Thanks emy, I think I might invest in some better OPK's next month (OH offered to buy me smiley ones on Monday but I declined saying they were way over priced and I'd got 20 for £3 imagewhich i regret now) I'm just hoping my temp goes up tomorrow! 

    ive spent the afternoon googling and some women say they only ever have watery CM so maybe it's not as big a negative as I'm thinking it is. 

    thanks for replying, il try stressing a little less about it image x

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