Is this positive !!


So I was stupid and tested early ... Somthing told me too ! 

one test cheapie boots was (I think pos) 

seconf FR neg.. 

Anyway im 9dpo I think implantation happened on Monday night...

has any one had anything like my 1st test and actually ended up pregnant 


  • I'd wait a few days and test again to see if you can get some darker lines. I know waiting is hard but testing at only 9dpo can set you up for disappointment if you have a chemical pregnancy image 

    I hope you get your bfp. Xx

  • I know thats my plan X with my 1st I didn't find out untill 11 weeks so this waiting is killing me :( X my partner thinks I'm crazy X would u say saturday is best ? X 

  • If you had ib Monday by Saturday hopefully you should see something. Good luck x

  • I agree with the earlier posts. 

    I tried at least three times and they were all negative tests. It was only once I started to feel noticeable unwell that I thought.. I will do another test because that can't be normal.. and yup.. that wasn't normal.. hahaha I was indeed pregnant.

    So, you might just want to wait a few more days and try again.. If you do notice some strange symptoms.. do another test.. I actually found out I was pregnant on week 8 if I well remember.

    Good luck!

  • image

    Did another one the day after so Thursday ! I'm going to do another on Sunday ... But I have attached it so it's Defo getting darker X 

  • Hey that test defo looks darker and pink in colour, good luck for you next test but I would be very confident if I got that. How many dpo are u now ? X

  • Yesterday I was 10dpo... 

    My period is due sunday/Monday 

    ive told my mum now I feel pretty confident about that test and will test again Sunday before hubs goes and works away for 7 days X 

  • Hi hun i did a boots day af was due and got a extramly faint line did a first response the next day and showed a strong positive ur last test was def a positive test again in a few days good look it looks promising 

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