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Please help

Hi I'm 32 and never been pregnant ... had all testing and I'm in good order lol and my cycles are regular I just can't get pregnant .. has anyone tried fertilaid or pregnacare ?? Thinking of trying these so need advice .. or any other tips will be muchly appreciated. . Thanks angela xx 


  • Hi hun. Has your partner been tested also? 

    I'm 29 and got my first bfp a few weeks ago.

    My tips:

    - Chart your basal body temperature. I found it so much more useful for tracking ovulation than ovulation stick tests.
    - Have sex every two or three days throughout your fertile period, and don't get too wrapped up in trying to get bang on ovulation day. You might ovulate early or late and it's actually best to have sex a day or two before ovulation as well as the day itself so the sperm is already inside you lying in wait for the egg.
    - If you use lubricant make sure it specifically says it is sperm-friendly (Pre-Seed is a good one, lots of women say it helps them conceive)
    - Lie down after sex for about half an hour (don't know if this really works but I did it the month I conceived and it helps keep the sperm in the right place for a bit longer so can't hurt!).
    - Start taking folic acid supplements and drop caffeine out of your diet. Pregnacare didn't work for me, so I just took Seven Seas Folic Acid and B Vitamin Complex.

    Good luck x

  • My partner has been tested and he's all fine .. he's got a daughter from a previous .. can I ask how long u was trying hun .. will defo try the temp cause never stuck to that consecutively tbh .. just read good reviews on fertilaid so willing to try anything tbh lol x x 

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