Just need some female advice :)

Hey, I'm new to this so apologies if the jargon isn't quite there yet! So I'm 20 and my partner is 21, we've been ttc for 9 months now and still haven't fallen pregnant. Is this normal for it to take so long? I feel quite down at the moment as a lot of friends have fallen pregnant "by accident" recently.. 


  • Thank you in advance :) 

  • Hi jade, for some people it takes a bit longer than others to conceive it doesn't always mean there is an issue. If nothing has happened by the 12 month mark you should have a chat with your doc. I say 12 months because normally   for couples of your age they like you to wait 12 months before they will help. This lowers to 6 months when you are over 35. May I ask what are you doing to help ttc, like opks temping ? X

  • Thank you for your reply Emy001. The 12 month mark isn't too far away so hopefully something happens before then. So I've been taking folic acid, we have intercourse regularly and I have an ovulation calander and usually feel quite sick, very hot and slightly faint around the day I should be ovulating. So I'm pretty sure I know when I'm ovulating, that's if I am of course. What else would you suggest?? :) 

  • I would suggest looking into bbt basal body temperature. You take your temp with a basal theomometer every morning at the same time ideally when you wake up, you track this info then it helps to determine if you have ovulated. Google how to bbt you should get lots of info. Might also be worth investing in some cheep opks, ovulation predictor kits. You can buy them on Amazon and lots of other places. There is a few threads on this site that run with lovely girls in full of advice and support maybe join one of those. I post in one called just finished o heading into tww part 3. Pop on there and introduce yourself in you fancy doing that. Good luck Hun I hope u get a nice BFP, big fat positive soon xx

  • Thank you very much! Will defiantly look into both :) and I'll have a look at joining some threads :) thank you again! :) 

  • Hi there! I was in your situation a few months ago. We had been ttc for almost a year with no luck and I was devastated. It was to the point where it seemed like everyone around me was pregnant and it drove me insane. I was eating healthy andcalculating my ovulation every month. I'm happy to say that when I relaxed and stopped dwelling on it and calculating I finally got my positive test! I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I hope this helps 

  • Congratulations justce x

  • arnt  you a little young to be trying to get pregnant!! 

  • I mean dont mean the way that probably sounded, i read it to my self after i posted it i meant it as in dont stress your self you have plenty of time go relax have fun enjoy life it will hapen in its own time 

  • she's not to young to be a mum , I like be being a mum an I'm 22 now and by little boy is nearly 4 image...

    As emy0001 put everyone is different just keep trying and good luck too you! Xx

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