Anyone Take a Home Pregnancy Test 4 Days Before Expected Period and Get a Positive?

I've got many early pregnancy symptoms and my husband and I have been trying all month. I'm wanting so badly to test early but i'm not sure if that's a great idea, or if the chances are even in my favor or getting a positive this early? I'm expecting my period in 5 Days today.


  • I tested with 2 different test at 9dpo ...roughly 5/6 days before ... Boots cheap one came up bfp and a FR showed neg.

    the next day so 4/5 days before AF I got a nice FR pos 

    this morning 2 days before period I got a positive on a superdrug 

    i have going crazy tho I wish I had waiting... Coz now I'm worried about chemical pregnancy etc.. So testing every day just to make sure everythings all good X 

    good luck 

  • Thank you :) I've decided to wait until at least 2 days before

  • Hi I got my faint bfp at 8 dpo (6days b4 af was due), but as Lauren said i tested everyday to make sure it was getting darker as i had chemical and false faint second lines before. but now im almost 10weeks pregnant. Good luck 

  • Thank you! I'll be more patient :( 

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